People enter our home today and comment on the beauty of artistic design and detail.  It is thanks to Patricia Hope Sharp.  Building a new home is very exciting, yes, but it can also be very stressful.  Patricia knows what to do, when to do it, where to go to get it, how to cut costs, and how to make sure your personal touch shows.  Thanks to her many years of success, she makes the complicated process seem breathlessly simple.  She appreciates the classical but stays abreast of the trendy.  Her educational background, her experience, her skills, and her artistic talent qualify her for any design project, large or small.  Then top it all off with her ethical unflagging loyalty.  What more could a Prescott home builder want?

– Patricia Anderson, American Ranch

The plan modifications you have worked through designer Patricia Sharp are well ahead of existing schedule, eliminating delay or change orders.  I could see the “lights go on” as she discussed framing details, pinpointed plumbing locations, and clarified electrical controls,  in sequential trade-specific mini meetings, with “group-solve” as needed.  Engaging, respectful and time efficient, her rapid-fire decisions enabled solution and resolution. Your designer provided exact fixture specification, eliminating cost surprises and speeding my duties, as these important decisions have been forethought.

Sun Space Builders, LLC, (General Contractor) Prescott

Partial Client List

  • Advanced Plastic Surgery Petroglyph Park, Prescott, AZ
  • Dr. and Mrs. Monte Anderson American Ranch, Prescott, AZ
  • Kamal Amin, A.I.A. Scottsdale, Arizona
  • BLM Architects Bala Cynwood, Pennsylvania
  • Butler Pharmacy Point Pleasant, New Jersey
  • Col. and Mrs. Thaddeus Crooks, Prescott, AZ
  • Crystal Creek Homes Prescott, Arizona
  • Eagle Crest Development and Resort Redmond, Oregon
  • Farmers Insurance Credit Union Portland, Oregon
  • Feltz Associates, A.I.A. Point Pleasant, New Jersey
  • Mr. and Mrs. Fred Forte Forest Trails, Prescott, AZ
  • Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant Long Branch, New Jersey
  • Great Haircuts Salons Portland, Oregon
  • Heritage Park Zoo Prescott, Arizona
  • MG Kelly and Krista Anderson American Ranch, Prescott, AZ
  • Richard and Judy LeBlanc Forest Trails’ Prescott, AZ and Lake Elsinore, CA
  • Manasquan Savings and Loan Manasquan, New Jersey
  • Peter and Jackie McGuire Rancho Diamante’, Prescott, AZ
  • New Jersey Natural Gas Company Toms River, New Jersey
  • Ocean Federal Saving and Loan Toms River, New Jersey
  • Prescott Public Library Prescott, Arizona
  • Prescott Resort and Conference Center Prescott, Arizona
  • Seth and Ann Rucker Forest Trails’ Prescott, AZ
  • Col. and Mrs. Arthur Saboski The Ranch, Prescott, Arizona
  • Keith and Cindy Schuck Wickenberg, Arizona
  • Paul Sebastion, Inc. Sea Bright, New Jersey
  • William and Maureen Stavola Rumson, New Jersey
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital Phoenix, Arizona
  • Stroh Architects Prescott, Arizona
  • Sun Space Builders, LLC Prescott, Arizona
  • Sweet Tibbie Dunbar Restaurant Portland, Oregon
  • Michael Taylor Architects Prescott, Arizona
  • Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec. District Beaverton, Oregon
  • Van Sciver Co., Sotheby’s Real Estate Div. Bay Head, New Jersey
  • W.R. Grace Restaurant Division Irvine, California
  • Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Yacona Boca Raton, Florida
  • Jeffrey Zucker- Catalyst Architecture Prescott, Arizona
  • Canyon Plaza Resort, Tusayan, Arizona
  • Prescott Christian Church, Prescott, Arizona
  • Dr. Ron & Patricia Marvin, American Ranch, Prescott, Arizona